The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation was founded in 1990 as an association for social analysis and political education. In Germany, the Foundation is engaged in political education on historical topics, on the analysis of society in a newly reunified Germany and on global issues of the future.
The Foundation is close to the political party Die-Linke and its activities in Germany and abroad are largely financed by public funds of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In 2000, the Foundation started its international activities, which are based on cooperation with foreign partners engaged in the promotion of social and democratic development. In 2002, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation opened its first international office in Johannesburg.


A series of video reports and interviews on the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 in Senegal and the sub-region.

The themes

Youth and Politics

Social Justice

Natural Resources

Memory and reconciliation

Climate Justice


Economic Sovereignty




The video seeks to provide an overview of the impacts of various manifestations of climate change on the ecology and economy of communities living in the Saloum Delta. Through this video, the communities analyze climate change and the issues at stake in their lives
and propose solutions for resilience. The video raises the question of climate justice and the inequity between polluters and those who suffer from them.

Nigerian Women and the Worlds of Work


This documentary is the first episode of a series on Nigerian Women and the Worlds of Work. Episode 1 focusses on Nigerian Women and the Worlds of business. It profiles four women in their 20s, 40s and 50s and highlights their transition from work in the formal sector, to creating their own initiatives in the informal sector. They share on inspiration for their businesses, challenges they encounter and their plans for the future.

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