Accueil - Natural Resources

Natural Resource Sovereignty and Global Responsibility

The African continent is full of immense reserves of mineral resources. The West African part is not to be outdone with 30% of oil reserves and 30% of natural gas. It is also characterized by deposits of gold, bauxite, uranium, iron, diamond etc. This wealth makes it a land highly coveted by world powers such as Europe, Canada and China, but it also exposes it to the risk of conflicts and wars and ecological and health disasters.

Natural resources very often create dependencies because the majority of African countries have an economy oriented towards the exploitation of these resources. But also these countries are confronted with contradictions by the fact that the communities of the riparian zones to the mines remain the most affected by extreme poverty and health problems. Due to the lack of involvement of local residents and social groups, these resources, instead of increasing income and enabling social improvements, are subject to looting and destruction.

There is a growing phenomenon of land and natural resource grabbing. Consequently, it remains urgent that communities and organizations defending the rights of the population be mobilized and made aware of these various problems. In its Natural Resources, Global Responsibility and Alternatives program component, the FRL promotes development alternatives that go in the direction of preserving the environment and the rights of communities.