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Social Justice

Since their accession to international sovereignty, the African populations have faced several difficulties and are continually subjected to attacks or attacks in terms of their political, economic and social rights; the most striking are: The lack of social justice, The decline in the standard of living of the populations, Lack of work and very low wages The strong development of the informal sector, Significant poverty in rural and urban areas, The under-representation of young people and women in decision-making spaces.

One of the ambitions of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (West Africa office) is to establish and strengthen partnerships with certain organizations supposed to defend the interests of populations and more generally social justice. This involves continuing to consolidate collaboration with certain partners with whom we are already working, but also to reflect on new perspectives in taking into account the concerns / aspirations / rights of populations, especially those operating in the informal sector, by allowing a strengthening of the trade union movement or related organizations and a redefinition of the very bases of solidarity and social justice.