Climate Justice

Climate change is now a reality. Its manifestations are becoming more and more visible. For decades we have been witnessing phenomena such as rising temperatures, increased rainfall, more droughts and floods, lower agricultural yields, short growing seasons and changes in precipitation patterns that make access to water difficult.

These phenomena are not so “natural”. They bear the imprint of human hands. Industrialized countries, in particular, have a very large responsibility for climate change.

The African continent is the main victim of climate change. Although it contributes only marginally to CO2 emissions, the risks it faces are significant. The viability of its agriculture is threatened at a time when a food crisis could occur at any time in the event of a drop in agricultural yields. Yet, food crises lead to population displacements and conflicts that most Africans can hardly overcome on their own given their low per capita income.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation supports initiatives in Nigeria and Senegal as part of the fight against climate change.

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