Conscious of the sine qua none condition that is the gender equality for the existence of a State of right, the feminist movement in West Africa continues to fight against discriminations (social, cultural, economic, political, professional...) and the violence of which the women are victims whatever the context. The main objective of this struggle is the equality of rights between women and men, as ratified in international conventions, by the States, for a better social justice and a society with more humanity.

The feminist movement uses regional or international action plans to accompany the States and to sensitize the populations to work for the effectiveness of the women's rights in all the sectors in spite of the difficult context in which this long term fight takes place. It is in this same dynamic that the action of the West Africa Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung fits. Indeed, it is committed to supporting the West African feminist movement in order to enhance the status of women in our societies, where women have difficulty in asserting their considerable contribution on the social, economic and even professional levels...

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, through the principles of social justice, participatory democracy and gender equality, remains open to the ideas of an egalitarian society in which women, as actors of development at all levels, are actively involved (research, associations, platforms, activism...) and by their own initiative to develop alternative strategies for the evolution of their status in society.

Contact of Fatou Faye: Fatou.Faye@rosalux.org