Burkina Faso

The Democratic Youth Organization of Burkina Faso (ODJ) is a youth organization in Burkina Faso that works for solidarity among young people and the improvement of their living conditions.

The Confédération Générale Du Travail du Burkina (CGT-B) is a trade union organisation created on 29 October 1988, originally by eight professional unions. Today, it has about ten national professional unions and more than a hundred company unions in various sectors of activity, including Building and Public Works, Hydraulics, Mining and Hydrocarbons, Health, Education, Agriculture, Transport, Food, Energy, etc.

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Côte d'ivoire

OIDH seeks to contribute to the promotion and protection of Human Rights in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond. It seeks to sensitize and strengthen the capacities of citizens, institutions of the Republic and decentralized communities on Human Rights issues in order to prevent any political or social violence.

The NGO Vivre Sans Violence is an Ivorian civil society organisation working tirelessly for peace and non-violence in order to carry out its mission of promoting the rule of law, good governance, human rights and participatory democracy.
This project is an initiative of the NGO Vivre sans Violence, which aims to build women’s solidarity through its programme “Autonomisation Economique de la Femme par la Sororité” (Economic Empowerment of Women through Sorority), which aims to “Strengthen the economic resilience and leadership of rural women through training, information and networking”.

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The Ghana Congress of Trade Unions (TUC) is the main trade union organization in Ghana. It is composed of eighteen affiliated national trade unions that are autonomous bodies pursuing their own activities. It is non-political and currently has about five hundred thousand (500,000) members.


The general objective of the Project is to contribute to the information, sensitization and formation of the people of Falea on the risks of the threats of the activities of the extractive industries (uranium, bauxite, copper…) that weigh on the environment and the defense of human rights in the municipality of Falea.

L’Association Radio libre KAYIRA a été créée le 7 Décembre 1991. Le réseau KAYIRA est un important outil d’information d’éducation civique et démocratique qui contribue au processus de développement à la base au Mali. Le réseau KAYIRA a bâti sa réputation et son ancrage populaire à travers ses luttes pour la préservation des droits humains, politiques et économiques des masses laborieuses. Ce réseau a suscité la création, autour de différentes stations membres, d’un véritable mouvement associatif, coopératif et culturel


Alternatives Espaces Citoyens (AEC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to work towards an open democratic and social society based on equal human rights, a new partnership between men and women, and solidarity between peoples in a healthy environment.


The Integrated Centre for Social Development (Social Action) is a Nigerian organization working to promote resource democracy, social justice and human rights, with a focus on the energy and mining, environment and climate change, trade, budgets and public debt sectors. www.saction.org.

HOMEF, as the ecological think, drives advocacy with knowledge by creating spaces for knowledge generation, contestation of ideas and sharing. In this project, we will engage communities and other stakeholder in a team building meeting to refine the project implementation strategies. Research will be conducted that will culminate in the production of a CSOs guide to understanding indigenous oil companies’ operations.