Migration facilitates economic, social and cultural ties between peoples. As such, the international community, through various organizations, has adopted many conventional mechanisms to facilitate, manage and protect migratory movements. In the countries of the South, sometimes young people try to reach other horizons at any price to offer themselves the prospect of a more promising future. Despite the clichés often conveyed through the international media and the discourse of demagogic politicians in rich countries, the phenomenon of “illegal emigration” to the countries of the North is much less important than South-South migration.

Nevertheless, we are nowadays witnessing an unprecedented violation of the human rights of migrants all over the world. The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) West Africa Office is part of the dynamic of cooperating with civil society actors (associations, NGOs, researchers, academics, activists…) who work peacefully and in solidarity to defend the rights of migrants. It is also open to any proposal for the development of political and institutional alternatives aiming at a more humanistic management of migratory flows.

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